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Magnetic and variable magnetic fields as the cause of malignant neoplasms origin and development


After more than 23 years of research of malignant diseases cause, we can give a full explanation of this disease origin. History of these works will give informations of how has it happened that geophysicists got engaged in the cancer origin research.

Realization that cancer is an uncontrolled division of cells and that it produces an invasive creation expanding on the account of normal tissues, imposed the question how to solve the unclear things concerning somatic cells division, i.e. how and why does a mother cell divide into two baby cells and what is the promoter of this division. The study of procaryotic and eukaryotic cells division has shown that the Earth Magnetic Field (EMF) is the promoter and carrier of both kinds of cells division and the molecules magnetic properties (enabled by temperature characteristics) are decisive elements in DNA replication and RNA transcription.

The above statement results from the knowledge of structural construction of elements and molecules, theory of electrons valence and additive property of molecules magnetic susceptibility.

It is known that magnetic and electromagnetic forces rule in the biosphere, i.e. everything acts on the basis of the laws of macro EMF and micro magnetic and electromagnetic forces in macro molecules as well as in cells.

The explanation of bacteria division is given, as well as of the division of a mother cell into two baby cells. These explanations are a scientific interpretation based on the knowledge about EMF and molecule magnetic properties as the constructing elements of bacteria and cells. The most part of previously unexplained facts in connection with procaryotes and eukaryotes division is given.

Polymorphism of cells is the product of EMF. This statement is based on the Crossing Over, which has been defined as a genetic material exchange on neighbouring chromatides in the North-South and East-West direction. Thus, it becomes clear that it is due to the EMF forces.

This work explains various substances transportation through a cell's membrane, a process that takes place due to molecules magnetic properties. It is known that all cells of a somatic organism have characteristic magnetisation – proved by the Magnetic Resonance.

Artificial magnetic fields are the cause of the origin and development of tumour tissues, what we further in the work present with firm proofs.

The explanation of how do artifical magnetic fields appear, which we call Anomalous Increse, or Anomalous Zones (Azs), is given. The correlation connection between Azs and tumour location on human body is found. The health condition of tumour patients after moving away from the Azs is followed. The explanation of body viscous magnetization appearance in an organ or in a part of an organ, is given. What are and how do chemical substances concentrate as cancerogens in tumour tissues, is explained. The clonal origin of tumour is explained.

The sketches of magnetic fields isoanomalies in beds used by malignant diseases patients, are presented. The examples of patients, how and why do Azs cause origin of the diseases, are also given. The examples of persons with metastases who have recovered thanks to the moving into a natural magnetic field, while their hospital room mates with the same kind of diseases soon died because they have not been placed away from the Azs, are given. Three examples of recovery from tumour in the starting stages by placing the diseased into the natural magnetic field, i.e. into a space with no Azs, are presented.

Many etiological problems about tumours found in literature are unexplained. Knowledge about magnetic properties explains many unclear things, as for example, difference in number of cardivascular diseased and magnetic neoplasms; then, cancer appearance in cities vs villages; experimental researches on animals; Nobel prize in connection with tumour appearance. It is explained: why is tobacco smoke harmful, how can metastases only appear, why has asbestos been proclaimed as cancerogenous material. It is presented: why radioactive and sun radiation have been proclaimed as malignant diseases causes, the influence of temperature on cancer and why are malignant cells magnetized. The most recent method of tumour cells separation from blood of diseased patients by magnetic poles clearly points out the fact that cancer cells are magnetized due to the time spent in the enormous magnetic field of the external environment.

It is, also, explained why does a natural cell die and how does an ever living malignant cell originate. The unpredictable behaviour of cancer after therapy of the diseased people is explained.

As the most recent work in 2011, there has been published in «British Journal of Cancer (2011)» a work titled: «Treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma with very low levels of amplitude-modulated electromagnetic field», authored by a large group of scientists. The explanation of why is this therapy very prospective for cure of all kinds of tumours, has been given, that the work authors had not been able to explain. It is, also, suggested to continue the therapy of advanced tumours with low frequency electromagnetic fields, with a warning that the therapy should be performed only in natural magnetic fields.

It has been found that an enormous number of people sleeps and works in Azs, but only a few of them gets diseased, an explanation of why is it so is given.

It is, also, suggested to introduce hyperthermia as a therapeutic method, which should be applied in the case of the entire tumour surgical removal.

Conclusion: The clear truth resulting from the work is that cause of tumour origin and development are anomalous magnetic and variable magnetic fields what is shown on the sketches of beds with Azs in the Appendix. Resulting from this, it is necessary, apart from other therapies, to surgically remove a tumour in the advanced stage in order to make it smaller and then to apply hyperthermia on the tissue with the unremoved tumour cells. The hyperthermia is to be used only in a natural EMF, because this is the only way in which it can help the patient and his doctor in the process of health recovery. We are sure that this kind of malignant diseases treatment would greatly reduce the number of death cases. Key words: Earth magnetic field, magnetic and variable magnetic field, anomalous increase, body viscous magnetization, malignant neoplasms.

*Scientific work in its entirety can be viewed as pdf file: "Magnetic and variable magnetic fields as the cause of malignant neoplasms origin and development"
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