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Earth Magnetic Field (EMF) and Cosmic Radiation (CR) in CNS Functioning, Cause of Mental Disturbances and Diseases


The characteristics of Earth, as a planet, is the existence of EMF and CR. EMF is a medium in which the bioworld lives and it magnetises everything that can be magnetised in biosphere. Production and moving of electricity happens due to the existence of CR and EMF. Electric fields occur thanks to CR which, by ionisation, produces electrons and ions in magnetosphere, i.e. in biosphere. A part of unabsorbed CR comes to the very Earth's surface and into the Earth crust.

The CR's quantity of electrons production mainly depends upon oxygen concentration.

EMF and CR are the most important factors in the external environment interaction – bioworld's evolution.

Molecules in the bioworld are characterised by susceptibility and electric conductivity and EMF gives them magnetisation.

The natural electric field source and potential differencies in a cell and its surrounding is of periodical character. Fields can be considered as quasi stationary, while electricity is direct. Magnetic fields and temperature have a substantial effect upon movements of electrified particles. In this way «potential differencies occur from around 50 mV to around 70 mV in front of and behind a cell's membrane» (lit.10).

Substances out of cell are transported by magnetic force lines (drift) in the cell. M field of organelles causes convectional movement of content. Separately, molecules enter cytoplasm and, selectively, into organelles. There happen biochemical reactions, temperature, electric voltage and magnetic properties change. Because of the magnetic properties change, movements directions change, too, so we get convectional movement of the substances of the opposite direction. For example, K – Na – ATP pump.

*Scientific work in its entirety can be viewed as pdf file: "Earth Magnetic Field (EMF) and Cosmic Radiation (CR) in CNS Functioning, Cause of Mental Disturbances and Diseases"

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