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Introduction (general). Biosphere is characterised by Earth magnetic field and cosmic radiation, and ruled by magnetic and electromagnetic forces.

Atoms consist of electrons, protons and neutrons. Atoms' nuclei have magnetic forces. Inside atoms rule magnetic and electromagnetic forces. Molecules are created by connection of valence electrons. Everything happening in the biosphere is under the influence of magnetic and electromagnetic forces. Biochemical processes happen in the Earth's macro-magnetic field with micro-magnetized substances - molecules.

Aim of the work. On the basis of facts, to show and prove that magnetic characteristics of oxygen, carbon dioxide, hems (hemoglobin - eritrocite) and cells are the main factors in respiration process. In order to achieve this, the Earth magnetic field influence should be explained, as well as the influence of cosmic radiation, and magnetic characteristics of macro- molecules (consturcting substance of cell), upon evolution, reproduction and respiration.

To present magnetic characteristics of cell, i.e. how cytoplasma and nucelus's and cell's membranes are created. To explain how and why does Crossing Over occur. To present in details, the Earth magnetic field's influence upon division of mother cell into two daughter cells.

To explain oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in lungs and cells, from the aspect of magnetic characteristics. To eliminate the wrong opinion that during breathing the main factors are the diffusion characteristics, and partial pressures of gases. Because of many unclear things about nervous system functioning in breathing regulation, the aim is to explain how this respiration regulator functions.

Work method. Study of official scientific literature about cell, respiration and the nervous system role in the regulation of breathing. Connecting natural Earth magnetic field, cosmic radiation, and magnetic characteristics of cells with the evolution, reproduction and respiration. This is something new in the field of interpretation of biological, i.e. biochemical processes.

Results. On the basis of what is presented in the Chapter on cell magnetic characteristics, it may be suggested that every cell has a characteristical magnetization, i.e. magnetic characteristics. They are very important in metabolism processes of all cells. Crossing Over is a very importan mechanism which provides polymorphism, which is provided by Earth magnetic field, i.e. influences the evolution of living world. Since it is known that Crossing Over is very frequent occurance in malignant diseases, it can be suggested that cells' tumor occurs in an enormous magnetic field. From what is presented, we can conclude that a part of chromatides can be magnetized. The decisive factor that triggers the cells' division is the Earth magnetic field. Tumorous cells, which uncontrollably divide, occur in an unnatural magentic field, most commonly produced by urbanization.

On the basis of all the presented concerning oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, we can suggest that magnetic characteristics enable respiration.

Chapter about nervous system in breathing regulation, explains how micro-current impulses (action potentials which produce nervous impulses) are generated by cosmic radiation. Then, it is explained in what way do oxygen, carbon dioxide, hemoglobin, and cell characteristics enable breathing.

Conclusion. Magnetic characteristics enable respiration. Earth magnetic field, cosmic radiation, and magnetic characteristics of macro-molecules have a decisive contribution towards evolution processes, in general. The Earth magnetic field is a triggering force for division of mother cell into two daughter cells. Cell's division and Crossing Over lead to a conclusion that cause of tumor appearance is an enormous, unnatural magnetic field. Right this enormous magnetic field enables a tumor cell to divide continually and uncontrollably, what makes an ever-living cell. Micro-current impulses, generated in the breathing part of the central nervous system, are respiration regulators. Conductivity of micro-current impulses in body is fast electronic and slow ionic (chemical). All biochemical processes are presented.

Key words: Earth magnetic field, cosmic radiation, cell's magnetic characteristics (organele, membrane) micro-electric currents - nervous impulses - action potentialities.

*Scientific work in its entirety can be viewed as pdf file: "Breathing and magnetic characteristics"

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