Nikola Trifunović

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The Anomalous Increase of Magnetic Field – Cause of Atherosclerosis


Hypothesis: The cause of atherosclerosis (large and medium arteries) is enormous magnetic field.

Human being is born, lives and dies in the natural Earth magnetic field (EMF). Enormous – anomalous EMF – anomaAlous zones (Az) may cause harmful effects upon human organism and are direct instigators of atherosclerosis. Ischemia disease is the most frequent death cause (56%) and disability (85%) in the world.

Meaning of the atherosclerosis origin, development and general process mechanism still occupies scientific minds, because we do not know everything about this problem.

The Work Aim: To measure the magnetic (M) fields intensities of people's dwelling places in order to find the correlation between the enormous anomalous EMF-Az and the disease location in the body.To explain atherosclerosis etiopathogenesis influenced by EMF-Az enormous intensities. To explain how and why are diabetes patients predestined for cardiovascular diseases, particularly for atherosclerosis. To clear the unclear issues about atherosclerosis in literature.

*Scientific work in its entirety can be viewed as pdf file: "The Anomalous Increase of Magnetic Field – Cause of Atherosclerosis"

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